Llanfylin Spar Development

Prior to the construction of a new Spar store, GIP were retained by the client, Mr Mark Prust, to locate and oversee the removal of a number of buried fuel tanks and fuel distribution pipes associated with the site’s former usage as a fuel filling station and vehicle repair workshop.

A total of six buried fuel tanks were recorded on the site. These were pumped dry and degassed, then excavated and removed together with any surrounding soils which exhibited visual or olfactory evidence of contamination.

Once the tanks and any visibly hydrocarbon impacted soils were removed, the remaining soils were sampled and tested to ensure that all of the most heavily contaminated soils had been removed.

A number of validation boreholes were then sunk across the site to enable long term monitoring of groundwater quality together with the investigation of the presence of potentially volatile gases.

GIP were able to demonstrate to both the Environment Agency and Local Authority that the site did not pose a long term risk to Human Health and Controlled Waters, allowing the planning conditions to be discharged and a site with a long history of contaminative uses to be developed.