Birmingham Resilience Project

GIP has been commissioned by Severn Trent Water to carry out ground investigation works to provide information to their designers to enable the design and construction of a new water pipeline know as the Birmingham Resilience Project.

The pipeline stretches from the River Severn, to the south west of Kidderminster, through to Frankly Reservoir on the outskirts of Birmingham, which is a distance of approximately 25km. The proposed scheme involves both excavation and tunnelling of the pipeline.

GIP have undertaken fieldworks which included drilling in both soil and rock, including specialist down borehole geotechnical testing along with geotechnical and chemical laboratory testing and the installation of monitoring equipment.

During the fieldworks there were many different landowners involved together with varying ground surface conditions some of which were very difficult, therefore communication with both the client, their agents and landowners was a key point in achieving the works successfully.

We are currently undertaking long term monitoring of the installations along the pipeline, together with some additional ground investigation. The monitoring will continue for the next 2-3 years through the entire construction phase of the pipeline.