Geo-Environmental Risk Assessments

The development of any site can pose a range of potential risks.

Geoenvironmental risks, for example, contamination of soils or groundwater resulting from previous land usage, or geotechnical risks, ie slope stability issues or problems caused by historic mining works.

Geoenvironmental risk assessments are a vital component of many site investigations and are becoming increasingly important in satisfying investors in any development, the Local Authority and the Environment Agency.

Contamination of land, water or both can result in costly remediation works and for this reason risk assessments which analyse previous land usage and its effect on both soils and groundwater, as well as on human health, are often a prerequisite of any development.

Following a contaminated land or groundwater risk assessment, and where pollutants have been identified we have many remediation strategies

GIP is able to offer a range of qualitative and quantitive risk assessments from contaminated land appraisals to assessment groundwater and human health risks, which conform to both local authority and Environment Agency requirements. Our teams of engineers can then propose appropriate remediation works.

GIP's risk assessment services include :-

  • Desk study investigation
  • Site visits for inspection prior to developing risk assessment strategies
  • Investigative research with local authorities and previous land owners
  • Regulatory consultation
  • Conceptual site models allowing contamination assessment through source/pathway/receptor
  • Quantative risk assessment including reference to CLEA, RBCA, and R&D 20
  • Human health risk assessments

Excel Spreadsheet used for CLEA

P20 Risk Assessment

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